Cha: the Traveling Whirlwind

In my recent flight I got the chance to have a much needed downtime. I was sitting in one of the wooden chairs underneath a pagoda right smack in the middle of a garden overlooking the lake in my hotel. I felt a sense of calm and peace washing over me. I have noticed that when I am in such a tranquil surrounding, this feeling just creeps in and takes control over my body. I feel extremely well and it’s like my senses are more acute than ever. It is at this time that I would say I am more in control, logical and on top of things. Simply put, my brain is hyper aware and active in a very very good way.

As I sit there, meditating; I began to reflect how my life has been running. One word came to mind: whirlwind. I mean this obviously in a metaphorical sense. Five years being a cabin crew, my life and I have been moving in such a fast pace. My days just passes by in a blink of an eye. I hustle and bustle. I am in an out of cities and countries within twenty four hours. My home visits are lightning fast and hasty ( and never enough). It’s like magic. One minute I’m there and poof I’m gone. I just said “hi” and now I’m saying “bye”. Sometimes I even feel I have no sense of time, days and dates. I am just aware of when and where I will head to next.

I am still in constant awe of how much I’ve become like a whirlwind or at least my life has been. I defy time zones. I can cover all of the continents in a month’s time. I am able to experience all the seasons in one roster. It’s like being able to travel through time if you think about it.

I remember writing this of my FB. “Yesterday, I was in my flip flops and bikini. Today, I’m in my winter coat and boots. Tomorrow, I’ll be barefoot and wearing my jammies.” My life is moving so fast and I can’t help but feel that I am a travelling whirlwind.

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